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The Rising Security Threat of Climate Change

31 Mar

Bangladesh-climate_refugee (1)

Climate Refugees in Bangladesh. Photo Credit: Sabbir, Wikimedia Commons

By Jack Karsten, PISA Staff Assistant

Climate change is not just an environmental threat whose greatest impacts will be felt in the future; it also plays an immediate role in today’s international security issues. For example, a recent study concluded that a sustained drought compounded factors that started the civil war in Syria, a struggle that endures four years later. Rising temperatures will increase competition for scarce water, food, and energy resources with the potential to spark new conflicts and intensify existing ones. Droughts, floods and storms linked to climate change will displace millions of people each year, adding to the humanitarian crisis associated with war and border conflicts. Recognizing the impact of climate change on international security escalates the issue’s urgency.

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A PisaSPEAK Interview with Bui Duc Kinh

29 Oct

PISA was delighted this week to welcome Mr. Bui Duc Kinh for a visit at our Washington, DC office. Mr. Kinh is an alumnus of the 2008 LIGCC in Vietnam and works at the Southern Institute of Sustainable Development at the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences. He is currently a Humphrey fellow at Cornell University. We are pleased to excerpt some of his thoughts on climate change, adaptation and the role of the social sciences.

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