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Economic Development and Green Growth as Complements: A Model in India’s Climate Change Policy and Civil Society

10 Aug

By Mary Howard, PISA Program Assistant

Influencing sustainable environmental policy through effective civil society organization (CSO) is a challenge anywhere. CSOs are powerful agents to generate public awareness, diffuse knowledge and spur action for an issue. On July 22, PISA hosted Indian environmental activist Mr. Mahesh Pandya as a part of our Climate Initiative. Mr. Pandya, Director of Paryavaran Mitra, discussed the impact of climate change in his native Gujarat, and his opinions about government and CSO roles in mitigation. From advocacy to policy interventions, Paryavaran Mitra’s work in Gujarat is thoroughly multi-faceted. Pandya described how at times, civil society can engage the public and private sectors in collaborative solutions such as India’s massive solar energy investments.

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