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The New Security Mosaic in Asia and Why Climate Change Demands a Regional Response:

2 Jun

Southeast Asia Climate Impacts

To some observers, Asia, with its geographic, economic, ethnic, religious, and historical diversity, and home of two of the world’s fastest growing economies, China and India, offers a volatile, messy, and worrisome stew that inevitably will produce instability.

This gloomy outlook, often articulated by Western pundits, is countered by an opposing but equally unbalanced optimism, that pits economic dynamism (double digit growth in China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore) against the historical record that time and again illustrates that profound economic disparity between countries coupled with external threats  (such as unchecked climate change) and weak security mechanisms spell instability.  The sunnier outlook assumes economic growth will trump any potential conflict. However, it fuels nationalist tendencies that favor short-term economic priorities over longer-term stability.

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