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The Recession’s Silver Lining? The growth of green and sustainable buildings

29 Oct

Last week we found glimmers of hope in the upcoming COP-16 meetings in Cancun; this week we continue the trend in a look at the state of the building and construction sectors. Despite the ongoing economic woes that have spared virtually no regions or industries, one field has been posting solid gains: green building and design. By all accounts it looks likely not only to weather the recession but also to emerge stronger on the other end.

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Cancun 2010: The phoenix that will rise from the ashes of Copenhagen?

20 Oct

Written By: Jon Ehrenfeld, Senior Correspondent

Editor: Suzanne Kelly-Lyall, Deputy Director PISA

The COP-16 conference, slated for November 29th in Cancun, Mexico, seems to be raising fewer hopes than the last round, likely because of the widely publicized and underwhelming results of COP-15. Policy makers on both sides of the Pacific can reasonably ask what can be expect from this next round of negotiations?  Will we see progressive action from the bloc of Asian nations that allied themselves with China in Copenhagen? Or have events in the last year given rise to a new approach to climate negotiations?

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The Promise of Improved Cookstoves in the Developing World

13 Oct

A Traditional Cookstove Setup in Vietnam

The recent news from the Clinton Global Initiative that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is committing $50 million to funding clean cookstoves is fantastic news for the poor in developing nations, particularly women and girls. Spearheaded by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (run by the United Nations Foundation), this initiative will address a pervasive problem that kills over 2 million people a year and sickens countless others.

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